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Getting raised by Olympic athletes meant I grew up under the fiery influence of an active family who had their eyes on the prize, their heart in the game, and a genuine love for the community around them. My dad was a three-time Olympic gymnast and my mom was an Olympic level coach, yet I am most proud of them for balancing their fierce determination with gentle kindness and humility. Their intense drive to live their purpose and achieve their biggest goals has always been paired with an all-around down-to-earth approach to life.


HALO BRAXTON was born to bring a fashion-forward approach to the athletic apparel industry that I knew would boost confidence just as much as performance. As a professional dancer and actress who has learned from training at all hours, whether it’s midday or midnight, clothing has an impact on how you show up mentally and physically. I wanted to bring something that was sexy, unstoppable, durable, and made women feel like they were dripping with indestructible confidence.


I love seeing women boldly embrace who they are and what they invest in. Passion to persistently show up for what you want in life inspires me. It’s a true privilege to be able to offer women quality standards that meet their lifestyle needs while making them feel as gorgeous and powerful as they are. You deserve to experience the same comfort and style of HALO BRAXTON as you do at home at the studio, your next class, or out on the streets.
The inspiration for this range comes from the sustainability and professionalism I appreciated about the designs I have worn at my biggest performances and most life-changing achievements including opening as a soloist for Jennifer Lopez’s Tour, occurring as a series lead in The Next Step, and being a finalist on NBC’s World of Dance.


I feel like discovering your true potential is a lifelong journey but it’s worth it. I’ve become addicted to the way I feel when I leave to train at dusk in the morning and come home with victory aching in my bones.


Life is an adventure so take risks and don’t forget to laugh along the way. I love spontaneity and getting through life’s challenges with a sense of grace while connecting with the people and things that mean the most to me.


I hope you feel at home in this community of rebels who are getting closer to their goals each day.