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Essential Legging - Matcha Green

Introducing the Essential Legging, the ultimate combination of style, support, and comfort, designed to empower your performance & everyday lifestyle like never before. Whether you're rehearsing, training or performing, you can count on these leggings to empower you to give your best.


Key Features:

Double-Layered Waistband: These leggings are designed with a double-layered waistband, providing extra support and a secure fit during high intensity performance sessions. Say goodbye to slipping or discomfort, and embrace the freedom to move with confidence.

Confidence-Boosting Leggings: With a flattering fit and superb support, you'll feel empowered to express yourself in the studio or gym like never before.

Buttery Soft Material: Made from a luxurious, butter-like material, these leggings feel like second skin. Their silky texture enhances comfort, making them a pleasure to wear throughout your training, performances and everyday lifestyle.

Supreme Flexibility: Our leggings are designed to provide unparalleled flexibility. You'll have the freedom to execute every move with grace and ease, ensuring you're always at your best when it counts.

Tear Away Label: Our leggings feature a tear-away label, ensuring that your focus remains entirely on your performance.


Fabric: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

The blend of these high-quality materials provides the perfect combination of stretch, durability, and moisture-wicking properties. You'll feel confident and comfortable as you break a sweat.


Care: Wash inside out with like colors. Do not bleach. Cool iron/iron inside out. Do not tumble dry


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